Music Programs, Microdissections, and Thor

Tuesday night was Evan’s fall music program.  I’m not sure what the theme was supposed to be.  They sang several different songs and ended with Jingle Bells.  Does this mean we don’t have to sit through a Christmas Program?  I can only dream.  Evan was squeezed in between two girls who were really excited to be preforming.  I am proud of Evan for actually singing, but I don’t blame him for giving the girls weird looks when they were over acting the movements.


All the kids in Bismarck Pre-K through Second grade.



On Thursday, I did something that very few people in Arkansas have accomplished.  I preformed a microdissection on a Copepod.  Yeah, that little white speck.  I had a male and a female.  Honestly, after I was able to orient my tools under the microscope, it was pretty easy. I suppose I can add micro dissection to my list of random skills…


Friday night, the boys went with Aaron to the deer woods.  It was nice to have a night totally free of responsibility and the ability to do whatever I wanted.  I went to the movies with my Mom.


We saw the newest Thor movie in 3D.  I am not a huge fan of movies in general.  I have always seen them as a waste of time and I cannot tell you the last movie I went to, may be 4 years or more ago.  BUT, I am now a huge fan of superhero films.  Even though they are totally predictable, superheroes are really cute.  It was a nice escape from reality.

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