My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Week 7}


Ok, sorry that I haven’t posted my last two weeks, but I have completed all my runs.  It was normal. I had fun.

Now for week 7.

On Monday, I had a nice short run.  My legs were pretty sore from that hilly half, so I kept it slow and ginger…


I was busy on Wednesday, so I ran on Thursday.  It was nice.  I was still a little slow because my “downhill” muscles were still sore, but hey, it felt good.


On Saturday, I got a late start, but it was so cool outside.  I ran ten solid miles and then it started raining.  Meh, I was already sweaty and there was no thunder, so I just kept running.  I am glad I did.  It felt sooooooo good to run the 16 miles.  I never pushed my heart rate above 155 and I just coasted.  Well, I ran up the hill in front of Wells twice and during that time I huffed a little.  This is the longest I have run since the Little Rock Marathon.  I needed the confidence booster.  I can run long again.  My knee can run long again. Whew.


Yippee, 7 weeks down and 9 more to go!!!

What do you think?