My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Week 4}

This was the first rest week of this training cycle, and it was a weird one!

I knew my week was going to be scheduled pretty heavy, so I decided to run on Sunday after church.  I have experienced ocular migraines since I was in my early 20s.  They are a very weird type of migraine and for me, always follow the same exact set of symptoms.  At about the 0.75 mile marker I started going blind in my left eye.  Yeah, it was weird.  I knew I had about 45 minutes before the painful symptoms set in, so I decided to just keep running with my left eye closed.  I know I looked weird, but I really didn’t care.  Eventually my field of vision decreased down to about the same as if I was looking down a toilet paper tube.  Not very safe, but I live in a rural area, so I was ok.  I was able to make it back to the driveway before my vision started clearing up and the actual pain started.  I just ran to the house, cooked some eggs, took some aspirin and ibuprofen, and climbed into bed.  I was good to go in about 3 hours.  It still hurt, but I could function.


I was going to run on Wednesday, but the entire house was fighting a stomach virus.  It was awesome, but on Thursday I felt better and got a quick run in before class.


On Saturday, I ran a local 5k.  I will devote an entire post to that on Monday.  It was fun.  I just ran a mile before and a mile afterwards.  It was super hard to not “race” the race.  I had to keep myself under control and just run comfortably.  I had to remind myself over and over that this was my REST week!


Yippee! Four weeks down and only TWELVE more to go!!!!

What do you think?