Hog Hunting

Monday, Aaron and I both had the day off, so we dropped the boys off at school and made a quick run out to the deer lease to hunt for some hogs.

Aaron loaded up all the hunting gear, and I packed us a super lunch and some water.


The bay dogs lead the way trying to sniff out a trail.


Gabe is our catch dog, and he gets to ride on the back of the four-wheeler with me.


Gabe kept licking the back of my head! Yuck!


We saw A LOT of pig tracks!


Clyde was really trying to find a pig for us to catch! His GPS tracking collar said he ran over 20 miles!


Jet really wanted to catch a pig too! He did tree a squirrel while we were out, which is a very unusual talent for a pit bull!

I had fun, I really did, but I am going to be honest: I only went to make Aaron happy.  As women, we always expect our husbands to be interested in our clothes and shoes.  Marriage is a 50/50 relationship.  If us wives want our husbands to go shopping with us every once in a while, we need to go to the woods with them too.

Going to the woods is not a big deal for me, but riding the four-wheeler is.  I don’t like to go fast and Aaron does.  When I was really young, my brother flipped ours while I was riding on the back (I don’t think I ever told Mom about that), and I still get nervous.  I would rather walk in the woods and admire the trees and understory, or run and work up a sweat.

But anyway, I went hog hunting with Aaron to get some brownie points and maybe now I can trick him into shopping for clothes with me 😉


  1. such a true point! my husband likes me to go golfing with him. i am typically annoyed at the idea of sitting around unproductive for hours, but by the end he is so happy to have had the time together that it was totally worth it 🙂

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