My Favorite Scares


Happy Halloween!  You guys are fixing to get a really good laugh at my expense.  I am going to share three movies and two books that absolutely freak me out.


Death of a spouse, alien invasion, kids in danger, loss of faith.  This movie has all of my fears wrapped into one neat package.  You know that part when Mel Gibson is running through the corn field and he sees the alien leg disappear into the corn row?  AHHHHHHHH! And the part towards the end of the movie when they have figured out the aliens can become invisible, but they see the alien reflection in the tv screen.  Yeah, that scarred me.  My tv screen isn’t reflective for that reason.


Uh, have you seen this movie? I could write a book about the many aspects of psychological fear this movie provokes.  When my husband really wants to provoke a fight during my morning routine, he calmly states: “it puts the lotion on the skin.”  I go ballistic, and usually throw the lotion bottle at his head.


Ok, this movie doesn’t scare me.  I am actually quite fond of this movie.  When I was about 7, my brother (Michael) let me watch this movie with him one night after our parents had gone to bed.  He explained to me that the movie was not real and during the entire show, he pointed out how ridiculous the effects were.  We actually laughed during the scariest parts.  I think his attitude changed my view on the entire movie series and I see it as a comedy…



The book, not the movie.  As I was reading this book, I kept seeing things moving out of the corner of my eye.  The movie does not relate this aspect of the book.


I started reading this book in the 7th grade. Why did my Mom let me read this? Prolly the same reason I was reading Stephen King in the 6th grade, I knew the difference between reality and fantasy.  Well, this book is based on real spiritual warfare.  It scared the poop out of me.  You should read the entire series, it is super good.

What are your favorite scares? Do you have an off the wall movie that scares you? Tell me all about it!!!

What do you think?