2013 Bismarck BBQ Bash XC 5k and Parade {Race Recap}

This is the second year I have ran the BBQ Bash XC 5k.  The start line is a little over a mile from my house, so I have no excuse to not run this race.  Last year, I ran for speed and I came in second overall.  This year, I ran for fun and came in 15th overall and 2nd in my age group.  I had to be very careful, because this was the last day of my rest week for marathon training.  I didn’t want to run super hard out there in a 5k and ruin my marathon training!

I ran an easy warm up mile, the 3.1, and then an easy cool down to complete my necessary 5 miles for the day.  It started drizzling during my last half mile of the race, and by the time I finished my cool down it was POURING.  I mean, I was soaking, soaking wet!  It felt pretty good, but when the awards ceremony started, and we were all sitting down, it was cold!


After the awards, I raced home, picked up Evan, and brought him back up to the high school.  His football team got to be in the parade.



He had sooooo much fun! He thought he was king of the world!


  1. Congrats on your run! I like running in the rain when it’s warm, but to sit around afterwards would be tough!

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