My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Week 1}

So, this is my first official week of training for the 3 Bridges Marathon.  I have 15 more weeks to go.  I have done this before.  I can do it again. Just a little of self-motivational talk.  I have decided that all my easy and long runs, will be paced by my heart rate.  I did one of those formula-thingies and it said I should stay around 150 bpm.  I am so scientific, lol.

On Monday, I was so tired in the morning, I ran at night.  Woah, it was weird.  All the noises and critters scare me. 20130915-161638.jpg

Wednesday was supposed to be a tempo run.  I am not very good at those.  I cannot seem to keep an eye on my pace.  I get sidetracked easy, space out, and then remember that I am supposed to running a certain pace.  One of my main goals, is to master the tempo run.  This is a must do.


My long run went great on Saturday.  A cold front came through on Friday night and there was zero humidity.  It felt so good.  I also tried out a new fuel.  It worked awesome and I am going to post about it next week.  Not to sound crazy, but this run was one of the best I have had since my injury.  I felt strong and confident.  A super, awesome way to end my first week of marathon training.


Next week I am going to add strength training to my non-running days.  I really need to work on my hip strength and flexibility.  Seems like my hips always get stiff on me.  We shall see if I can stick with this strength training.  I seem to always wuss out when it comes to anything but running…


  1. strong and confident is the best way to feel!

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