My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Week 2}


Well, week 2 of marathon training is over and it was uneventful.  Those are my favorite kind of weeks.

On Sunday, I cross trained with a 30 minute plyo workout.  My PT said I should do these to help strengthen my hips and knees.  It isn’t all that hard, but I always feel really unmotivated to actually start the workout.  I usually wait until the last possible minute to start, but end up feeling like a beast afterwards.  I am getting better at split jump squats.  I only almost fell down twice.

On Monday, I completed a easy 3 miler.


Wednesday was supposed to be speed work, but I ended up just doing random fartleks and calling it a day.  It wasn’t fast, but I got the miles in.  My legs were still sore from all of Sunday’s jump squats…


On Friday, I did another 30 minute plyo workout.  John David helped cheer me on.  It was ok.

Saturday, my long run went well.  I was slower than I expected. It didn’t hurt, so I am happy.  I used my homemade fuel again, and it worked great.  Glad to have a little cooler weather, so I don’t have to wake up so early.  I didn’t start running until almost 10!  Surprisingly, my legs weren’t very sore from the plyo workout on Friday, so I was able to just plod along.


Next week, I am going to try to cross train with the plyo routine at least 3 times with one complete rest day. Two weeks down, 14 to go!!!

What do you think?