Playing on the Deer Lease

Before you do anything, go here and see what my friend posted yesterday.  Isn’t that the most awesome thing ever.  Her and her camera are magical and if you live anywhere close to NWA, you should hire her to take your pictures.

This past weekend, Aaron and I headed out to explore the deer lease.  I don’t mind these trips, because all I have to do is ride on the back of the four wheeler and enjoy nature.  I thought I would share a few photos, so you can enjoy the nature too.

The magic locked gate that protects all of the deer, turkey, and pigs from escaping.  Just kidding. I don’t really see a point to the gates.  Someone could just walk into the lease or hunt right on the border. Oh well.


Just in case we get lost, Aaron brought his Garmin Alpha 100 along.  Also, there have been bear spotted on many occaisions, so Aaron brought his pistol.  Honestly, I thought that was a little excessive.  We were on a four-wheeler, and I am pretty sure that is faster than a bear…


There was a whole lot of this:



And a little of this:


We saw a few deer, three turkeys, and six pigs, but the neatest thing I found were these two old churches:



I absolutely love looking at super old tombstones.  Aaron says I get too emotionally attached, because I walk through families and try to figure out how they are all related.  I got teary eyed with one family, because apparently the Mom died in child birth, and the child died a few days later.  The husband lived only a few more years.  Life in the olden days was hard, especially in super rural Arkansas.


Anyway, after leaving the deer lease, we went to good ‘ole American Waffle House.  It was a fun change of pace.  I cannot tell you the last time we ate at Waffle House.  Breakfast for dinner was awesome!

Finally, as we were crossing lake on our final miles for the day, we were graced with a beautiful sunset! 20130915-132221.jpg


  1. headshots turned out awesome! as did your day in nature!

    also, i saw something abut nwa…let me know if you need any help with the to do (and happy hour) list!

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Thanks! I would love, love, love for you to help me with ideas, but keep in mind we’ll have the kids 🙁 We may plan two trips…

  2. WOW! Where is this beautiful place and how can I visit it? Absolutely stunning! Arkansas is just so pretty!

  3. I love super old tombstones too! Looks like a fun trip.

  4. Seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!!! When we are in central AR next time, I’m visiting. This place is gorgeous!!! 😉

    Also, just sent you your link my dear! Excited for you to see them all and paste them all over your twitter and blog. 😉

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