Newton’s First Law

Whew, what a week. It wasn’t bad, just really busy!

On Monday, I volunteered at the Book Fair at Evan’s school and I learned a very valuable lesson. Never schedule volunteer hours the day after you return home from a blogging conference! I was soooooooo tired and the librarian probably thought I was the ditzy-est mom ever. She made me work the cash register and I was the slowest cashier on Earth! Thankfully, I volunteered on Wednesday and Friday also, so I redeemed myself with stellar performances those days.

Tuesday was a regular day at school and I also signed Evan up for flag football! He wanted to play and hopefully he will like the sport. It will be very hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I LOVE football. I am going to try not to be one of those parents. You know what I’m talking about :).

I got the October issue of Runner’s World in the mail also and I found this ad:

Save the wrinkles

I like this ad. With all the commercials for injectables and wrinkle cream, I like a company that celebrates natural aging. After I did my blog the other day, I noticed I had a lot of new wrinkles. I was kind of depressed. I think most of them were because I was dehydrated and super tired, but the ad comforted me.

Wednesday marked the second week of Awana, and hearing John David say his memory verse was so sweet:

They also got these cool shirts to wear to school on Wednesdays:



Thursday I got to go to a wastewater treatment facility in Little Rock with my limnology class. Wastewater treatment facility is a nice way to say sewage treatment plant. It was very interesting and I really learned a lot. Surprisingly, the stink wasn’t unbearable. I kind of got used to the smell after walking around huge vats of poop for hours. The biology is super neat, but I won’t bore you with that side of the trip.

Today was Friday the 13th. I love this day. I always make it a good one. I can’t recall anything bad ever happening to me on this day, so I approach it with fun :). I was featured on Arkansas Women Bloggers today. I cooked and took pictures. It was fun and hard.

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting?

Oh, and I still haven’t totally unpacked my suitcase from #AWBU. Don’t judge.

What do you think?