Wow, I just completed one of the most brutal summer terms ever.  First summer session I took Microbiology, which wasn’t that bad.  I made a A with a little hard work.  The second summer session was a totally different story.  Literally, for the last month I have done nothing but run and study.  It paid off.

I had no choice, but to take one of the hardest professors in the Chemistry department.  It was brutal.  I cried on more than one occasion (in my car on the way home from class, while working problems, for no reason while I was sitting on the couch).  I wanted to give up several times, but I didn’t.  I just kept going.  I just kept working problems and asking questions.  I ended up with a B.  I. Am. Ecstatic.


Let me backtrack on one thing.  Yes, I took a ridiculously hard professor, but he was always there to help.  He never made me feel dumb and answered every single one of my questions.  He knew I was a Biology major and took extra time to explain the biological significance of everything.  I also learned that Organic Chemistry reactions are not magic. I actually feel like I kind of understand Organic (kind of).  Dr. Bateman is one of the best professors I have experienced.  He really cares and that matters A LOT.

I am completely finished with my Chemistry minor now.  What a stinking relief.  Chemistry is hard and I have a huge respect for the people who excel in this area.  This fall, I only have two classes to take before I graduate in December, Plant Physiology and Aquatic Ecology.  Those are the only classes I am taking, and it is all downhill from here.

The light at the end of the tunnel is bright!!!!!

What do you think?