Random Weekly Recap

I hope you guys have had a great week. Mine has been pretty good.  Nothing terribly exciting, just a good ‘ole week.

Y’all know how OCD I am about planning.  I am running the Little Rock Marathon in March again, so I put all my training runs on my calendar.  I noticed something.  If I started training next week and don’t get injured, I could possibly run a marathon the last week of December, recover, then maintain for the Little Rock one.  Well, there is a marathon that weekend, the 3 Bridges Marathon, but it is already full.  There is a rumor that a few more slots will open up, so I added my name to the waiting list. I’m going to start training, so if I get in I’ll be ready.  Is that crazy?  I suppose, if I don’t get in, I can just run a self supported 26.2 around Lake DeGray.  Maybe one of you would like to do this with me? You don’t have to start the plan until September 9th.  Ah, come on, it’ll be fun!  I’m not going to call anyone of you out by name, but I am specifically talking to 3 of you…

I’m not sure why, but I feel like I need to say something.  If you have something you want to accomplish in your life, go for it.

Don’t give up.  Just because something is hard or there is difficulty, doesn’t mean you should give up.  I have made a lot of changes over the past five years and I have obtained some pretty big goals.  When I started running, I never believed I could run a marathon.  The first day I walked into a biology course at Henderson, I never believed I would actually graduate with a major in biology and minor in chemistry.  I have wanted to give up sooooooooo many times.  I firmly believe that God helps me every single day.  He guides me, he loves me, he gives me mental strength.  I know what you are thinking: Does God care about your running? Well, not in the grand scheme of things, but God knows that running provides me a quiet time.  During my runs I can pray for others, listen to podcasts of sermons, and just simply talk to God about what is going on in my life.  Running improves my sanity and God does care about that.

Ok, that was random.  Sorry about that.  Also, I just realized that it is Labor Day Weekend and AWBU is next weekend.  Wowza, I need to pay attention.  Where did August go?!?!?!


  1. I can’t wait to see you next weekend at #awbu!

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