Easy DIY Instagram Magnets


First, let me allow you to catch your breath.  Yes, I did a craft project.  Yes, it actually turned out really, really nice.

After we got back from vacation, I was trying to find a huge frame to display my favorite pictures.  Most of the pictures are from Instagram, and it is hard to find a frame with multiple square holes.  I stumbled on the magnet idea, but quickly realized it was expensive.  After creeping on some crafty blogs (who had good ideas, but too many steps) I came up with my own way.  After you get your pictures developed, this whole project takes less than ten minutes (that time also includes two John David chases and making a glass of chocolate milk for Evan).

First, download the handy Walgreen’s app and upload the pictures you would like to develop, straight from Instagram.  Send them to the printer and in an hour, go pick them up.  Eighteen photos cost a little over $7.

Walgreen's Photo App

On your way to Walgreen’s, stop by Hobby Lobby and pick up a roll of adhesive magnetic paper.  The best value is 12 inches by 24 inches ($9.99) and allows you to make 18 magnets.

Once you get home, spread your magical roll of adhesive magnet paper out on the table.  Anchor down the corners, so you don’t have an embarrassing fight with the roll, because the roll will win.


Start at one corner, and slowly peel back the white protective layer.  Stick your pictures on the sticky magnet one row at a time.  Make sure you are a little OCD with this step.  Line them up, get them straight.


In just a few minutes, your whole sheet will be full.  It looks pretty, and I was tempted to just leave it like this, but I figured that would defeat the whole purpose of even starting this project.  If you want to stop here, I won’t judge you.


All you have to do now, is cut them out.  The magnet paper is pretty thin, so you can easily use regular scissors.



Last step, stick them on your fridge.

Easy DIY Instagram Magnets!

Told you this was going to be easy! I know you’re laughing at me, but I am super proud of myself.  I do not have a crafty, creative bone in my body, and I looked like a man in Victoria’s Secret, walking through Hobby Lobby.  If I can do this, you can too!  For $17.50, I made 18, 4×4 magnets.


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    So cute.SO cute.

  2. great idea! (Saw this on AWB sunday link-up)

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