Fun at the Goat Sale

We make the trek to Beebe for the goat sale twice a year to sell our boy babies that are not sold to individuals.  There is a flea market in the parking lot, and let’s just say, the state fair has nothing on the people you will see here.  We had 5 rams (boy sheep) and 2 billys (boy goats) to sell:


I found Evan a really cool tie-die t-shirt at the flea market for only $9.  I love tie-die and Evan thinks it is soooooo cool. 20130609-101000.jpg

The boys love walking around and looking at all the animals.  I am pretty sure they petted every single animal that would let them.  They also harassed a few that wouldn’t.  They act like they can’t walk out the front door and see the same exact thing, but I guess these are just different.




I am pretty sure they were the cutest kids there:


The actual auction part can get kind of boring, so Evan took his iPad to play games and I gave John David my phone.  He took some pretty good pictures:






We ate dinner at a place called Sawbucks in Beebe, it was pretty good.  Pretty basic food: smoked chicken, steaks, pork loin.  You know, man food.  The normal person wouldn’t even notice, but my only complaint is that the food was salty.

It was a good, long day.  We didn’t get home until 11 and had to carry the boys in because they feel asleep around Bryant.

What do you think?