Under Armour What’s Beautiful 3.0

I have been given the opportunity to work with Under Armour in their What’s Beautiful campaign as a FitFluential Ambassador. I know what you are thinking, “Blah, blah, blah another fitness campaign. Whateves.” No, this is not just another fitness campaign. This one is different.

When I started my weight loss journey, the very first piece of athletic clothing I purchased was Under Armour.  When I walked into the department store, I was very self conscious and I found that Under Armour covered what needed to be covered and was still cute.  I felt confident when I put that first outfit on.  I felt like I could walk into the gym and not worry that my clothes would reveal all the work I needed to do.  That confidence allowed me to keep up my hard work.  I love Under Armour, I’m not going to lie.  I very rarely purchase another brand.  Their clothes are very durable, and I still have that first outfit and wear it around the house.   Now that I have lost over fifty-five pounds, it is too big to wear in public.

Fat to thin


The Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign is helping to redefine beautiful. This campaign is allowing real women to set goals and receive encouragement and motivation from other women.  Under Armour is not pitting women against each other, they are bringing us all together to be on the same team.  It is a huge community of women just like you: all stages of fitness and all body types are represented.  It is really empowering to browse the profiles and read all the different goals.  Under Armour has given us women a place to display our beast mode and shine.

Go sign up.  Set a goal and make it happen.  While you are there, check out these other women who are determined to meet their goals and leave them an encouraging message!

#IWILL #whatsbeautiful
1. Coco Running With Perseverance
2. Carissa Fit2Flex
3. Natalie This Mommy Runs
4. Presley Run Pretty
5. Angela Barefoot Angie Bee
6. Lynda Fitness Mom Wine Country
7. Jennifer The Fit Fork
8. Sarah Mom Running on Empty
9. Stephanie Fit Mom…In Training

Disclaimer: I was provided a pretty sweet tank top, awesome pair of running shoes, and hair bands for participating in the campaign with Under Armour as a FitFluential Ambassador.  You know I don’t participate in campaigns I don’t believe in and all opinions are my own.


  1. I’ve seen this campaign all over the place and I finally just checked it out and signed myself up! Yay! Love reading your blog…great to hear from another Arkansas blogger!!


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    Under Armour What’s Beautiful 3.0 – The Ederington Family

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    Under Armour What’s Beautiful 3.0 – The Ederington Family

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