Quick Random Update!

Ok, I realize it has been FOREVER since I blogged last, but I have a few really good reasons (excuses).  Get ready for a super quick catch up.

First, this semester is finally over! This was one of the longest semesters ever and I have spent the last two weeks in beast mode trying to complete all the papers and ace all the tests all the lovely professors pile on us at the end.  I am proud to report I passed Ecology, Comparative Anatomy and Evolution of Plants, Organic Chemistry 2 Lab, and my last upper level University Writing class.  Here is the scary part: I only have 14  hours (4 classes) left!  I will graduate in December and I am playing my last bit of school a little different.  I have decided to take summer school and complete Microbiology and Organic Chemistry 2.  This fall I will only have to take Plant Physiology and Aquatic Ecology (an elective).  Basically, I am taking one class at a time to reduce my stress load.  I am not sure if I am going to apply to grad school or just get a job.  I have a little while to think about that…

Second, after the semester ended last week, I needed to get a baring on what was happening in the rest of the world.  Over the two week study-a-thon, I lost all contact with reality.  I had no idea what was going on in the world.  I just needed to breathe and recover for a day.

Third, I read a book.  I actually read a book that was not related to school.  I bet you can guess what it was about. Yep, running.  I suppose if I can’t actually run, I will read about people who can.  I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  It was very good, even if you don’t like to run yourself, it is a very entertaining story about some super great runners.  Also, it gave me some inspiration.  The author had been plagued by injury and learned a new way to run that allowed him to complete a really hard 50 mile race.  That makes my heart happy.  If he can do it, maybe I can too…

Forth, I celebrated Mother’s Day.  I didn’t do a darn thing.  Well, we did go over to my sister-in-law’s house and help with dinner.  It was nice and she did a great job of planning everything and getting us all together.

Well, that about sums up the last two weeks.  Pretty busy, but not that exciting.  I have absolutely nothing planned for the next two weeks.  I am going to catch up on housework, catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs, and spend some time outside.  I am headed to the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon.  Hopefully, I can get some good news and not have to have any surgical procedures.  I just want to ride my bike for now, but maybe I can get a timetable for returning to running.  I am afraid I am going to lose all the endurance, I worked so hard to build up.  I am doing good counting my calories, but I would love to get a few extra by doing some cardio.

What have you been up to? Have I missed anything super exciting?

What do you think?