Happy May!

Y’all know I have been struggling with injuries over the last two months.  It has been a really big bummer.  First, the stress fracture and now I have torn my ACL a little.  I have went though all the stages of grief, and I have finally made it around to acceptance.  I know that I will just have to take it easy.  I have to listen to my doctor, and do what he says.  No trying to run, just to see if it hurts.

All that being said, over the past two months I have gained seven pounds.  I know that isn’t bad, but I worked so hard to lose 55+ pounds, and I am not going to let them creep back on me while I am healing.  My pretty new Spring clothes have started getting a little snug and Summer is almost here.  We spend a lot of time on the lake and I will not wear a baggy coverup this year.

I know exactly why I have gained the seven pounds.  I have continued to eat exactly the same amount I was eating when I was running 30+ miles per week.  HA! That is not going to work.  I need to recommit myself and get a little self control.  I am hoping that by sharing this with you gals, that the public shame will help me to stop putting food, I don’t need, in my mouth.  I don’t have a problem with junk food, but I am living proof that calories from healthy food will add junk to your trunk, just like calories from cupcakes.  Late night binge eating on raisins and almonds, is still binge eating.

Ok, I know I need to start counting calories again and stick to my daily goal.  Just like before, it will not be an overnight magical transformation, but a slow healthy process.  Today, I will start again and hopefully, by June 1st, I will have a little more than half of this unwanted jiggle taken care of.

ALSO, on a brighter note, head over to Arkansas Women Bloggers and see if you recognize Miss May.


  1. Visiting from AWB — and a fellow runner! I haven’t faced injury (knock on wood!) but I go in phases with motivation, so I understand the ups and downs. Hang in there, sister! Your body will remember what to do when it’s time to hit the trails again. Enjoy the down time!

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