First Run Back and New Shoes!


Yesterday was my first run outdoors after 5 weeks. I was so nervous.  What if I forgot how to run? What if the healing stress fracture in my foot started hurting?

The first .25 miles felt weird, but then I kind of got my grove back.  I took the plunge and bought some Altra Zero Drop Lone Peak trail shoes and I really liked them.  I have wanted to switch to natural running for a while, but was too scared.  Since I have to gradually build my milage back up, I figured now was the perfect time. 20130408-190804.jpg

This is kind of hard to describe, but the shoes felt so different than what I am used to.  When I first put them on, they felt too loose.  I just knew they were going to slip around the heel, but they didn’t.  Don’t laugh, but after about a half mile, my feet got used to feeling “free” inside the shoe and it was nice.  They have a nice cushiony sole that is just perfect for me, not rock hard or fluffy pillow.  I also noticed they are pretty flexible and grippy going over rocks, which made me feel a lot more secure.


The only bad thing about the shoes is they are not pink.  I suppose the shoes couldn’t be perfect…

I have only ran once in the shoes, but I think I am going to love them.  I am going to run again tomorrow and see how my bum foot feels. Hopefully, there will be no pain and I can keep plodding along.  My first 50k is in 11 days and I have to be ready to rock it.

By the way, before you dive into zero drop shoes, make sure you read all the transitioning information first.  Make sure you transition correctly to avoid injury.  You can find great tips on the Altra website.


What do you think?