End of the Week Review

I figured it would be easier to give a wrap up post for the week than bore you with all the little details.

Evan lost his first tooth! He has been wiggling it for two weeks and finally let me pull it.  I came right out with barely any resistance and didn’t even bleed.


Evan also had his first t ball game of the year.  He hit the ball on the first pitch.  I was proud.


Evan is the tallest on the back row.

Saturday morning I had to participate in an ecology field trip, then I had a very discouraging 5.5 mile trail run, but I ended the day at the lake relaxing…



Oh, and look at all the nasty pollen in the buck brush! I cannot wait until it rains hard and cleans all of this mess up! 20130414-101439.jpg

What do you think?