Struggling with Injury

As most of you know I am generally a happy, positive, outgoing person.  This mainly because I run.  I used to be grumpy, negative, and an introvert.  I am fixing to be really, really honest about my day and I hope you can forgive me.  I need to get this out of me before it eats me alive.

My foot started hurting the first week of my taper for the Little Rock Marathon.  I treated it kind and iced it a lot, but it still hurt on marathon day.  I ran anyway.  I know that was stupid, but I didn’t want to seem like a wuss.  It hurts bad now.  I haven’t ran since Sunday.  I am going crazy.

I have always had low self esteem and running gave me something to be proud of.  Running allows me to prove that I am strong.  Running makes me feel better about myself.  I need to run for my mental health.  I have to run or I feel worthless.  I know that is crazy.  I know I do a lot of other things that prove my worth to the world, but running is my anti-depressant.

I have been riding the stationary bike at the gym for the last two days, but it isn’t the same.  I am going through withdrawals.  After I rode today, I skipped class today and slept for three hours.  I never skip class.

My friends on Twitter have been tweeting about “going for a run” and that makes me insanely jealous and mad.  Ugh. I don’t want to be angry at my running friends for doing what they love! I have never really been hurt bad enough that I could not physically run.  I have always been able to push through the pain.  Every painful step I take reminds me that I cannot run.  I am going to try aqua jogging in the morning.  Maybe that will help.

Sorry about the negative post.  I feel better now.  Thanks for listening.

Have you ever been sidelined with an injury? How did you cope? I am willing to try anything!


  1. http://Lisa says

    A few years ago I rode my first century ride without enough training. I finished with a hamstring insertion injury and was told not to do anything for 6 weeks. No ride, no run. I could walk. Yeah. So first, find out for sure what you have. It could be something like plantar fasciitis that can be helped by orthotics. Have you tried rowing? If the gym has a rowing machine, give it a shot. Then take a deep breath and know that if you have to you can dance, ride a bike, lift weights or maybe find something new to try.

  2. I’ve been sidelined twice with stress fractures. Not fun! It’s hard for runners to not run! If you have access to a pool, you could try pool running. I enjoyed it more than I expected and it did get my heart rate up. I hope you heal quickly!

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