Floating Through Space

The last few days have been quite a blur.

Friday I went to the doctor for my foot and walked out with strep throat.  My throat was hurting before I went, but I didn’t think it was that serious. I was running fever when they routinely checked my vital signs and the rapid swab test came back positive! Good grief!  I did get some good news regarding my foot.  The doctor said he thinks I just bruised it and to not run until it quits hurting.  He checked all my tendons and ligaments and they were fine.  JUST A BRUISE! Yippee! He started me on some antibiotics for my strep throat and I went to class.

Saturday I still felt fine, so I rode 15.85 miles on my bike around Lake DeGray.  It was a beautiful day and I had to get out and enjoy it. I started running a low fever when I returned home, so I spent Saturday night on the couch lounging.

Sunday I woke up feeling awful.  My head was stopped up and I just felt like I was going to die.  I literally spent the whole day on the couch in a little fort.  I tried to study, but I kept falling asleep.  Sunday night I took a decongestant and it knocked me OUT!  I can’t handle taking medicine.  It always makes me feel funny far longer than it should.  It is Monday night and I still feel foggy headed.

I went to class today, but I honestly cannot tell you what we discussed in any of them.  I was a total space cadet.  I took a two hour nap after returning home and thankfully Aaron cooked dinner.

I am not good at being sick.  I think after the marathon my body was so beat down, I picked up every germ in my vicinity.  I am tired of being sick.  I would like to return to normal. Maybe tomorrow…


  1. http://SkinLaboratory says

    What was the motivation in running the marathon in the first place?

  2. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. 🙁 Bu that’s great news that your foot is only bruised! Feel better and get back to running soon!

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