100 Pushups? WHY NOT!!!!


Since I ran a marathon and have a 50k in 26 days, I started thinking about a new goal for myself.  I wanted something pretty easy and not as time consuming as my 50k training.  I also needed something that didn’t cost a lot of money.  Running shoes, bike parts, and swim suits are already breaking us.

After a few days, I decided that I wanted to be able to do 100 real deal holy-fill, military style pushups in a row.  I swear, I come up with the most crazy, useless goals sometimes!

Please don’t laugh at me, but I can only do one right now, barely.  I couldn’t do two in a row to save my life.  I started google-ing around on the internets and I found an app to help.  I downloaded Pushups 0 to 100.  It is basically a couch to Pushup Queen plan that starts super easy for beginners like me.  I started on the week 1 of knee pushups and it seems to be just right.  Hard, but not impossible.


A nice Siri sounding voice walks you through each phase of the workout and it took me about 10 minutes.  I know it will gradually get longer, but I can handle that.  You do the workout plan three times a week with rest days in between.  I am setting up for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  It will take me 10 weeks to complete the intermediate phase and then I will head over to the advanced phase and start doing real pushups!  The real pushup plan is 10 weeks too, so in 20 weeks (August 2) I will be able to do 100 pushups.  Here goes nothing!

Do you ever come up with ridiculous things you want to accomplish?


  1. http://Connie says

    I have to go try this app~ this sounds like a challenge i could do. Many years ago i was in the Army I could do pushups then~ now i probably couldn“t do 1 pushup.

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