Biggest Loser Blogger {Week 8}


I didn’t link up last week because it was sooo stressful at school and I just had to rest from the blogging world.  Ah, I will be so glad when next semester is over and I will have finally finished this journey.

This week I weighed in at 134 pounds and achieved a BMI of 21.  I am super happy.  Only 6 more pounds to get to my coveted BMI of 20.  I increased my calorie intake per day so I would only loose a pound per week. It has been so much easier to stick to my goal for the day.  I am running my first marathon this weekend and I am starting to get nervous.  I know I have trained, but I am still getting butterflies!


  1. You’re going to kick butt!

  2. Well done on such a fantastic weight loss 🙂 x

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