Week 12 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 11 Recap

This week flew by.  This was the first full week of all my classes and labs and I really had to work at squeezing in runs and scheduling my time appropriately.  I have to make running one of my priorities or I can easily make an excuse to skip a run or cut it short.  Also, I only have two more weeks of official training for my marathon before I enter into the taper period.  AHHH! That scares and excites me all at the same time.

I rested

I ran 3 miles in 27:34 with an average pace of 9:10 minutes/mile.  My average heart rate was 156 bpm.  I am getting better at keep my heart rate up while I run.  It feels good to push myself a little harder and realize that I can run faster without falling over dead.

I ran 6 miles in 54:46 with an average pace of 9:05 minutes/mile.  My average heart rate was 149 bpm.  I had to run this on the tread mill in between two labs.  I was very happy that I could maintain the 9 minute mile for 6 miles without horrible discomfort.

I rested.

I ran 4 miles in 35:37 with an average pace of 8:54 minutes/mile.  My average heart rate was 161 bpm.  I was able to get to school early and run Feaster Trail before my classes began for the day.  Feaster Trail is pretty flat and I always feel like I can fly for the entire route.

I rested.

I ran 18 miles in 3:39:50 with an average pace of 12:13 minutes/mile.  My average heart rate was 150 bpm.  I ran the first 7 miles on the trails at Iron Mountain, then 6 on the road, then 1 on the trail, and the last 4 on the road.  My time includes a bathroom break and a shoe change.  I am not sure how to pause my Garmin yet, so I just kept it running.  This run was a mental challenge for me.  It is very boring to run 18 miles alone.  It was also cold and drizzly the whole time.  I wanted to quit after mile 10.  I seriously contemplated quitting running for good.  Isn’t that crazy?  I kept going and by the time I had reached 17 miles, I felt like I could keep going forever.  That voice inside my head is powerful, but I had to tell that weak little girl to shut up and leave me alone several times.


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