Week 10 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 9 Recap

This was a pretty normal, boring week.  I like those.

I rested

I ran 4 miles in 38:06 with an average pace of 9:32 minutes/mile.  It was a little chilly, but I am getting better at dressing.  By the time I get used to the cold it will be over and I’ll have to adjust to the hot again. Arkansas weather is great.

I ran 5 miles in 57:01 with an average pace of 11:24 minutes/mile.  I was able to meet up with Zabrina and run the trails at Iron Mountain.  We use different running apps and mine said 5 miles and her’s said 5.4 miles.  I would like to think that mine was wrong, because I know we ran faster than 11 minute miles, but I ran until mine said an even 5.  You can read more about this run and see pictures here.

I rested.

I ran 4 miles in 39:40 with an average pace of 9:55 minutes/mile.  I decided to run Feaster Trail for a little change in scenery.

I ran 12 miles in 2:08:09 with an average pace of 10:40 minutes/mile.  I also climbed 964 feet which felt good.  I split my run this week because I am running a trail race tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be nasty.  The weather was beautiful and it always feels awesome to run around the lake and take in the beautiful water views.

I ran 4 miles in 40:22 with an average pace of 10:06 minutes/mile.  The first 3.7 miles of this run were the trail race and then I just jogged down the road to get the remainder.  Watch for a full race recap on Tuesday.



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