Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel {Product Review}

First, let me start by saying I purchased this product with Aaron’s hard earned money. Tailwind Nutrition did not ask me to review their product or compensate me in anyway. BUT, if Tailwind does decide to send me some swag, I love the Mandarin Orange flavor. ūüėČ

Sorry about the wordiness in this post, but I want to be very detailed about my experience with this product.

Since I have been running for less than two years, I am still very scared to discuss technical details regarding the human body and what it needs and doesn’t need while running. ¬†I am not a doctor or a personal trainer, but I do know what does and doesn’t work for me on long runs in the food and drink category. ¬†When I was training for my first half marathon I had horrible stomach and intestinal problems after my long runs. ¬†It was so bad, I started carrying toilet paper in my CamelBak just in case I had an emergency (thank God, I never had to actually run into the woods!). ¬†I started reading and found out this was very common for new folks like me, and after much trial and error, I realized that a huge part of my problem was the name brand “sport” drinks I was using for hydration. ¬†I reverted back to water and just figured that would be my hydration of choice. ¬†When I began training for my marathon and 50k I started getting nervous about electrolyte imbalances during the even longer runs and started searching for a solution. ¬†During one of the weekly #ultrachats on Twitter, one of the guys suggested that I give this product a try to resolve my hydration/electrolyte/gut issues and, boy, do we have a winner. I’m going to be completely honest. I LOVE this stuff.

When I opened the package, I found a handwritten thank you note, temporary tattoo, and a logo sticker (who told them how much I like stickers?).


I didn’t notice they had written my name on the bag until a few days later.


My husband said it was nice they were cheering for me. I believe that when a company pays attention to the little details, it shows they care about their product and how it affects the person consuming their product.  This made me feel a lot less nervous about trying the product for the first time. After reading why Tailwind Nutrition was created, I was satisfied that the product was created to be a solution, not just a money making scheme for gullible athletes.

Before I mixed a single serving of the drink up, I took the bag to the biochemistry instructor at my local university. ¬†I wanted his honest opinion on the ingredients and nutrition facts. ¬†After reading the bag, speaking some big words, and discussing it with another chemistry professor, he gave the green light and said it looked sound. ¬†Both of those professors have their PhD’s and are well respected by everyone in the department. ¬†I have carried many product samples to them before and they have given me very detailed reasons why the others were bad, but they didn’t have anything negative to say about Tailwind Nutrition. ¬†One of them did suggest to not drink it on days that I was just setting around the house because it could make me feel bloated and might mess with my normal potassium balance, which is totally understandable. ¬†It is made to replace electrolytes and if I am not depleting them, I shouldn’t replace them. ¬†Here is a picture of the nutrition facts from the back of the bag:


The drink was very easy to mix. ¬†On my trial, I poured my two scoops directly into my 1.5 liter CamelBak bag and gave it a shake. ¬†It dissolved almost instantly. ¬†I was surprised to find that the taste was actually quite good. ¬†It wasn’t too sweet or salty and didn’t have any aftertaste. ¬†It didn’t make me burp like the other drinks, but I suppose that may be a personal experience that may or may not be shared. ¬†I was also happy it didn’t make my teeth feel fuzzy. ¬†I didn’t have the overwhelming urge to race home and brush my teeth after drinking it for 3 hours.

At no time during my 16 mile run did I feel like I was running on empty. ¬†I went ahead and ate an ounce of raisins at mile 6 and a handful of almonds at mile 12 out of habit, but I didn’t feel like they were necessary for me to keep going. ¬†This is pure speculation, but I suppose by sipping on the drink every two miles, my blood sugar levels remained constant and improved my overall mental state during the run. ¬†We all know there is nothing worse than your mind giving up during a long run.

Most importantly, this product did not cause me any stomach/intestinal distress.  Like I said earlier, I have a very sensitive stomach and Tailwind Nutrition caused me absolutely zero problems.  No diarrhea. No cramping.  No bloating.  Nothing.

Final verdict: I recommend this product and I will be using it over and over again.


What do you think?