New Trails to Explore

I was able to meet up with my only local running buddy, Zabrina, and explore a new trail at Iron Mountain on Lake DeGray.  I needed to run 5 miles for my marathon training and she just loves to run trails, so ta-da.  Zabrina is a for real mountain biker that races all over the country and tries to peer pressure me into riding more often.  She is way intimidating and it will be years before I ride my bike in front of her.  I am sure she would have a great laugh.

Anyway, we started on a loop I knew and it goes down and the new trail loop starts.  Compared to the other loops, it has better climbs and less rocks.  I like that for my running, but it will be  a while before I tackle this on my bike in front of others: 20130108-221006.jpg


There is a creek at the very bottom of this ravine, but don’t worry, this hill is not part of the trail.


Here we are at the turn around spot. I look pretty goofy, but isn’t Zabrina just naturally pretty.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a trail run without me falling down.


I need to start wearing knee pads.  Funny part is, I always fall down on the flat sections.  Never going up or down, just cruising along nicely and BAM!  Oh well, I suppose my knees will get tougher as time goes on…

What do you think?