Lambs are Everywhere!


I have been busy monitoring my ewes (girl sheep) for the last few days.  Six of them have delivered nine sweet little lambs and we still have two more that are pregnant.  One of the babies was born with a defect and died shortly after birth, but as of this morning I have eight healthy lambs.

I had a few first time mothers that I was concerned about, but none of my girls had any trouble delivering. I took a few pictures, but they are good mothers and won’t let me get very close.  Sorry for the grainy-ness.


Speckles and her two babies. This is the second time she has had twins and that makes me super happy.


I like this lamb. It appears to be smiling for the camera.


Three of the babies enjoying the sunshine.


This is Makeup and these are her very first babies. These babies are only about 20 minutes old. The afterbirth is still hanging. It is a very good sign for them both to be up and walking around.


All eight of the babies and their mothers. The pale brown ewe in the middle, is the one who lost her baby. She is still trying to help with the others.

I love my sheep.  They are so peaceful and easy going.


  1. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

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