Biggest Loser Blogger {Week 4}


This week was better and that makes me feel a little better about myself.  I do feel a little odd that I am letting a simple number affect how I feel about myself.  I ran 18 miles Saturday and that should mean way more than a number on a scale two days later. I say all of that, but I am still addicted to knowing how much I weigh.  Oh well. Life goes on.

This week I weighed in at 137 pounds so over week 3 I lost 1 pound.  With Mother Nature set to arrive in two days, I am very happy with only one pound.  I always get bloated to the max at this time, so next Monday I should have a money weigh in.

If you would like to read about my past week in marathon training, you can do that here.



  1. 1 lb is great! I bet you do better next week when TOM is over! Running 18 miles is amazing! I cant even run a full mile!! Keep up the hard work!

  2. 18 Miles is a WAY bigger victory. Though losing 1 pond doesn’t hurt you any either. Way to go!

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