Week 8 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 7 Recap

Well, this week was kind of a lost week.  Mother Nature forced me to rest.  I suppose she knows what she is doing, but I really wanted to run.

I weighed in at 137 lbs. Glad most of the previous weeks damage came back off, but with Christmas coming up next week, I see a short term weight increase in my future.  Oh well, I can jump on the healthy eating bandwagon with everyone else come January 1.  I did get to ride my bike 10.6 miles.  It took me 57:21 and I only climbed 551 feet.

I ran 4 miles in 39:24 with an average pace of 9:51 minutes/mile.

Christmas Day.  It began raining at around 5:30am and didn’t stop until 3pm when it turned to snow.

With 7 inches of snow on the ground and Aaron stuck at the hospital, I rested.

Same as Wednesday.

Same as Thursday. 🙁

There was a pretty good thaw and the roads were not icy anymore, so I tried to run.  I made it a whole 5 miles before my lips started bleeding and my face was the numbest it has ever been.  Oh well, I ran the 5 miles in 52:11 which is an average pace of 10:26 minutes/mile.  Next week I will access to the gym, so I will be able to run no matter what!


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