Tuesday Walk

After I picked up Evan from school, it was still in the mid 60’s so the boys and I did a little outdoor exploring.  John David went straight to the sandbox and Evan wanted to practice jump roping.  They were soon bored and wanted to go walking.  It is a .75 mile round trip to the mail box, so we took off to see what we could find.

Evan found me a feather for my hair.  He said it from was a wild bird, but it actually is from one of our hens.  I didn’t rain on his parade.



The boys love to play in the driveway.  They always just push the gravel around with sticks and their hands.


They love to just play in the dirt with sticks.  They are all boy.


I love these warm winter days when I can sneak a little exercise in their lives without having to bundle them up like eskimos.

What do you think?