Evan’s First Grade Christmas Party


Today I got to attend Evan’s first grade Christmas party.  I was excited to finally see what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas!


I had to laugh at him “needing” an iPad for his brother.  If Santa brought another one, he wouldn’t have to share his anymore.  Sorry child, Santa isn’t bringing an iPad for your little brother, but he is hooking you up with all the other things on your list.

The boys acted pretty silly, but everyone else was too.


The PTO provided stockings for all the kids with books and little toys.  John David wasn’t very happy he didn’t get a stocking like all the other kids:



The following two pictures are the main reason I could never be an elementary teacher.  Do you see all that controlled chaos???? 20121219-180004.jpg


The little girl that sets at Evan’s table too this nice picture of the boys and me.  She did a pretty good job for a 6 year old. 20121219-180018.jpg

I also won another Mom of the Year award for checking Evan out after the party.  I probably should have left both of the boys there since they were good and sugared up…

What do you think?