Christmas Snowmageddon

In Central Arkansas, 2012 Christmas proved to be one for the record books.  In the week leading up to Christmas the weather men changed their stories several times in regards to the possibility of having a white Christmas.  At first, we were only supposed to get a dusting and then we were supposed to get 20 feet.  I knew it would be some where in between, so we prepared.  Aaron cut extra wood and I stacked it in the house out of the wet.  We fed all the animals extra and made sure they all had dry places to sleep with extra bedding.  We went grocery shopping on Christmas Eve and stocked up on all the necessities (pop tarts, almonds, etc.)  I honestly didn’t believe that it would snow, but I knew better than to be stuck in a cold house with two kids and nothing to eat.

We woke up Christmas morning to a cold, cold rain.  It was only 36 degrees and that made me nervous.  We opened presents quickly and jumped in the car and began the hour long drive north to my Mom’s house.  We were able to open presents there and eat a huge lunch before it started sleeting hard.  We loaded up quick and headed home.  The roads were starting to deteriorate quickly, so we dropped Aaron off at the hospital and drove home alone.


Two miles from my exit and the roads are getting better!

After the boys and I got home, I unloaded all their Christmas goodies and ten minutes later the sky began to fall!  At 9pm, I took a 7 inch ruler outside and stuck it in the snow:


The next morning we woke up to a white mess.


Charlie wanted me to come play.


This is my view out of our back door.


This is the view from the front door.


We have 125 acres of perfect beautiful snow.

My Mother drove to work the day after Christmas and this is what she encountered on HWY 5 South: 20121227-094909.jpg



This is where my Mom normally parks her car. My Dad made her move it Christmas night. She complained at the time, but she is very happy now.


My Parent’s front yard.


Dangling power lines!

My parents have been without power since Christmas night, but we have not lost power.  I am thankful that we have been warm and cozy, but I am ready for all this crap to melt.  Aaron hasn’t been able to come home from the hospital and we miss him.

What do you think?