Week 2 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 1 Recap

Last week I tweaked my ankle on Monday, so I rested.  It paid off, because I started this week 100% and feeling good.  I can tell I am maturing as a runner because I was disciplined enough to rest and heal.  It was hard, but it was a good lesson to learn.  I am also glad I started my marathon training plan early because I have the ability to take a week off and not get behind.

I weighed in at 136 lbs. I rode 11.75 miles on my bike in 1:11:54 and climbed 697 feet.  I had to stop early because a severe thunderstorm was coming and I heard thunder.  I made it home just before the bottom fell out of the sky.

I ran 5 miles in 46:11 and climbed 325 feet. My average pace was 9:13 minutes/mile. I ran this on Feester Trail and it was beautiful.  I also did my strength training circuit.

I rode 15 miles on my bike in 1:28:09.  I also got bit by a dog.  You can read more about that here.

I ran 5 miles in 52:32 on Iron Mountain.  I finally found someone to run with me! Zabrina and her two precious dogs ran the trails with me and it was so fun.  This is the first time I have ever had a running buddy.  Hopefully, she will run with me again next week.  I am also happy to report that I only fell once! The leaves make it hard to see the rocks and I need to learn to pick my feet up a little higher.  I also did my strength training circuit.

I rested.

The little dog won.  I went to the gym and rode the cross country program on the stationary bike.  I am kind of ashamed for being a coward, but oh well. I rode 15 miles in 1:07:16.  I also did my strength training circuit.

I ran 12 miles in 2:07:09 and climbed 690 feet. My average pace was 10:36 minutes/mile.  I didn’t get to run my normal out and back because the silly dogs followed me.  I had to run the loop and bring them back home.  I hate that I didn’t get to climb at least 800 feet, but I will live.  I slowed my pace down a lot.  My training plan says to run my long runs at 11:07 minutes/mile, but I always go faster.  I need to start taking it easy, because the miles are fixing to start piling on.


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