Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Now that you have that awesome Great White song in your head, let us get down to business.

On Tuesday, I was riding my normal bike route and a little dog bit me on the ankle. 20121115-100010.jpg

I ride/run by that house a couple of times a week and the dogs always run out and bark at me, but they have never gotten close or tried to bite me. I ride/run by a few houses with dogs and I have never had a problem, but now I am spooked. I had my pepper spray and pistol, but I was on my bike and peddling up a hill. I couldn’t stop and get it out fast enough. I guess I need to put my pepper spray on a lanyard around my neck so I can get to it faster.

Of course this happens the week Aaron is away on his annual hunting trip and I am too chicken to pull up to the house. The dogs are not on a leash and what if it bites me again? Ugh, normally I am not a person that allows fear to dictate my actions, but I am afraid of that little dog. It hurt and I don’t like pain.

I know I am going to have to get over my fear of that little dog and ride again, but I am dreading my ride tomorrow. I have never dreaded riding my bike. I am so mad at that dog for ruining my peaceful riding route.

Have you ever had a dog bite you? What did you do?


The bite today. It is healing nicely, with no signs of infection.

What do you think?