Halloween 2012

Bismarck is a very rural area and this makes it very hard to trick or treat.  This year the churches and businesses started a new tradition.  The post office, First Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, the bank, and the elementary school held separate trunk or treats.  The kids got to experience walking from place to place and getting candy like you big city folk do.

I was so proud.  All the kids were running around and it was so safe.  Everyone knows each other and we all kind of collectively watch the kids, so they think it is a blast.  I love living in a small town.

Here is Darth Vadar and Spiderman:


And of course we had to get a photo with our fire truck:


Even though we only went those places the boys racked up on some serious candy.  They were excited that no one was giving out cheap candy, lol.



  1. What a haul! I remember my brother and I counting out pieces and dividing them up equally. Always fun.

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