Random News and Announcements!

This post is a conglomeration that pretty much crams everything from the last couple of days into one post!

1.  The winner of the $150 giftcard to CountryOutfitter.com is Nikki M. from Marianna, AR!  Thanks to everyone who entered! If you didn’t win, don’t distress!  There are several other awesome ladies hosting the same giveaway:

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 2.  I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach!  You should definitely head over and check out the community of inspiring, awesome ladies.  I am so honored for being chosen and I hope I measure up to their standards.  Almost everything I own is pink, so why not sweat pink too!

3.  I started lifting weights.  Like for real, yo.  Since I run and bike so much, my legs are awesomely cut, but my arms look like twigs.  You know those men with huge arms and chests, but skinny legs?  Yeah, I am the opposite of that and I look weird (in my head).  My arms are toned from CrossFit, but I want muscles.  Not big scary ones, but I want my arms to be cut enough for folks to notice.  I am going to try this out for a few weeks and post the routines that were made for me.  Right now my arms are too sore and twitchy to take pictures or video of my sweet weight lifting moves.

4.  We got a new puppy:


His name is Jack and he is a pit bull.  Not all pit bulls are mean and vicious, they are actually very smart and loving.  We are experienced with making this breed of dog a hunting machine and a family companion.  Aaron is obsessed with hog hunting and our other pit bull is 7 years old and ready to be retired from her catch job and just be a lazy house dog.  We dress our dogs in Kevlar vests and protective collars when we hunt, but I would be devastated if something happened to her because she has gotten a little slower.

Ok, I think that is all I need to tell you guys.  I’m sure I will think of something else as soon as I hit publish…


  1. Are those blue eyes? So pretty! Thanks for the linky love 🙂

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