Halloween Memories {BLOGtober Fest}

 I have always loved Halloween and things that are scary.  I love a good old fashioned horror movie and I will always claim the Halloween movies as my all time favorites.  I like the innocence of the older horror flicks. People still got hacked up, but it didn’t look real.  I can handle blood and gore if it doesn’t look real.  I remember when my brother let me watch the original Halloween movie for the first time.  I was about 6 (my Mom would die), and he made it funny.  He explained to me that it wasn’t real and we laughed through the scary parts.  I think he knew that if I had a nightmare from the movie he would be in deep doo-doo.

Anyway, my most awesome Halloween memories were my costumes.  My Mother is an magical seamstress.  She can make anything.  At the beginning of October she would allow me to pick out what I wanted to dress up as (as long as it wasn’t scary) and she would make it from scratch.  I should have dug out some pictures.  I was a 50’s Girl, a clown, a princess, a pumpkin, a witch, and many more innocent little creations.

For the first 5 years of Evan’s life, I bought his costumes.  Don’t worry, I bought the good ones not the cheap stuff from Walmart.  Last year, since John David was big enough to walk around on his own I decided I would make the boys matching costumes.  Evan decided they wanted to be ghosts.  I was all like, yes that will be soooo easy.

Oh Lord, it was an ultimate failure.  You can read about it here.  I will not post the photos again.  Evan wants to be Batman this year and John David wants to be Spiderman.  I am happily purchasing these costumes to avoid any more embarrassment.


  1. I would never attempt to make a costume, ha! Wish so badly I could sew and create one, tho!

    We have a John David, too!!

  2. Oh, I would never be brave enough to make costumes — I always called my mom and begged. One year, after looking at the pattern for various Fairy costumes Mom said, “We’re BUYING costumes!!!” hahaha! She’s bought them every year since. 🙂 And, the Halloween movies scared the mess out of me! And I only ever saw them edited for television!!! I am a weenie!

  3. I happily buy my daughters costume or I would horribly embarrass her

  4. http://eggsandherbs%20(Julie) says

    Oh no! Little KKK members! Kudos for trying!

  5. I will always happily buy my daughter her costumes. The one time my mother made my costume, it rained, and the witch costume bled and faded all over my skin and hair.

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