A Little Failure is Good for the Soul

I am not accustomed to struggling at sports.  I have always thought of myself as an athlete that could pretty much do anything.  I have played on softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football teams throughout the years and did pretty well for myself.  I always made sure I was not the worst player on the team, and it normally came pretty easy for me.

Well, that all changed last Tuesday.  I slipped on a swimsuit and slid into the pool at my university.  I set a goal in my head to swim 18 laps, which is a half mile.  Oh my goodness.  I almost died.  In my head, swimming couldn’t be much harder than running, and I can run 11 miles, so…

I finished the half mile, but I knew I wasn’t doing something correctly.  I was struggling hardcore.  I watched YouTube videos and bugged every collegiate swimmer I know.  They gave me some awesome tips and last Thursday I learned how to swim for the second time in my life.  Wow, correct form, goggles, and a nose plugger made a monumental difference.

Today I started training to build my swimming endurance the correct way.  With better form, the laps were a lot easier, but I have to get where I can swim non stop.  There is no “edge of the pool” to hang on to a few hundred meters into the race.  Drowning would be such an embarrassment and, not to mention, a major bummer.  This is going to take me longer than I initially expected, but I will not quit.  Running was hard at first, but now it comes pretty easy.  I just have to work my way up to my goal and not make excuses.


  1. From someone who did finally give up on the swimming thing, you’re awesome. You’re determined and that’s what you need. Drowning: not as embarrassing as finishing the swim in a tri wearing a lifevest? #yesidid.

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