A Little Failure is Good for the Soul

I am not accustomed to struggling at sports.  I have always thought of myself as an athlete that could pretty much do anything.  I have played on softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football teams throughout the years and did pretty well for myself.  I always made sure I was not the worst player on the team, and it normally came pretty easy for me.

Well, that all changed last Tuesday.  I slipped on a swimsuit and slid into the pool at my university.  I set a goal in my head to swim 18 laps, which is a half mile.  Oh my goodness.  I almost died.  In my head, swimming couldn’t be much harder than running, and I can run 11 miles, so…

I finished the half mile, but I knew I wasn’t doing something correctly.  I was struggling hardcore.  I watched YouTube videos and bugged every collegiate swimmer I know.  They gave me some awesome tips and last Thursday I learned how to swim for the second time in my life.  Wow, correct form, goggles, and a nose plugger made a monumental difference.

Today I started training to build my swimming endurance the correct way.  With better form, the laps were a lot easier, but I have to get where I can swim non stop.  There is no “edge of the pool” to hang on to a few hundred meters into the race.  Drowning would be such an embarrassment and, not to mention, a major bummer.  This is going to take me longer than I initially expected, but I will not quit.  Running was hard at first, but now it comes pretty easy.  I just have to work my way up to my goal and not make excuses.


  1. http://lisamullis says

    From someone who did finally give up on the swimming thing, you’re awesome. You’re determined and that’s what you need. Drowning: not as embarrassing as finishing the swim in a tri wearing a lifevest? #yesidid.

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