5 Ways to Boost Your Weight Loss

While I was on my way to losing 50 pounds I made a lot of mistakes and hit a few plateaus.  I would have to sit down and reevaluate my diet and exercise and make changes.  Here are five things that made a big difference and restarted my healthy weight loss.

1. Measure Everything
I don’t know about you, but eyes can’t properly judge weight.  I was eyeballing my food and doing ok, but after I purchased a scale I realized I was eating almost twice the serving recommendation of everything.  Most packaged chicken breasts at the store are 6-8oz, not the lovely 4oz, 110 calorie serving…

2. Don’t over estimate your calories burned.
Most of use handy GPS apps or the tread mill to track how far and fast we are going.  This awesome technology can also tell you how many calories you have burned.  That is bad.  The only way your treadmill or smartphone can tell you how many calories you actually burned is if you also have a heart monitor hooked up.  A safer way to calculate calories is by using miles.  Walking/running a mile is 100 calories and biking a mile is 35 calories.  I know that may seem low after you trudged through speed work or hills, but if you err on the side of caution it will pay off in the long run.

3.  Don’t buy junk food in bulk.
I know we all deserve a treat sometimes, but don’t trust yourself.  If you buy a package of Oreo’s and swear you will ration them, you will fail.  Trust me, I have set down with 3 cookies a million times and got right back up and ate 6 more.  If you don’t buy a whole package, you can’t eat a whole package.  Buy the smaller single serving.  Yes, the single servings are more expensive, but the extra cost will also be a deterrent.  My weakness is plain Lay’s potato chips.  When I treat myself I go to the gas station and buy the little 200 calorie bag.  I get a treat and I don’t ruin my healthy eating for the day.

4.  Sleep
I have found that on days when I am tired I eat more bad food.  I am an emotional eater and I get super cranky when I haven’t slept enough.  When I am tired, my mind is just not strong enough for all the temptations of life.  Face it, losing weight is pure mind games.  If you can control your mind, you can control your body but if you aren’t well rested you won’t be able to control anything…

5. Increase your intensity or add a new exercise.
Your body gets used to do the same old thing.  If you are running 3 miles a day, slowly add distance to each day until you build up to 4 miles a day.  Start riding a bike.  Start swimming. Start Zumba.  Start CrossFit.  Just start something new.  If you are pressed for time, this will be the hardest thing to do, but just 10 more minutes can reap a huge benefit.

What has helped you overcome a plateau?


  1. Thanks for the info! I’ve been stuck for three weeks now. I’m taking a week off (diet not exercise) in hopes I wil be ready to get committed again Monday morning.

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