Week 9 Recap {Half Marathon Training}

Week 8

This was a really good week.  I felt really strong coming off of the rest week.  No aches or niggles.  Just good, healthy running.

3 mile easy run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I ran this at a pace of 10:18 minutes/mile and finished in 30:54.

7 mile tempo run with 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at 9:27 minutes/mile, and 1 mile cool down.  I ran this at a pace of 10:08 minutes/mile and finished in 1:10:59.  I ran this at my parent’s house while my Dad watched the boys.  I liked running in a different environment, but HWY 298 is kind of scary.  There are a few blind curves.

2 mile easy run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I completed this day in 20:33 with a pace of 10:03 minutes/mile.

10 mile long run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I ran this in 1:41:29.  That is a pace of 10:09 minutes/mile.  It felt really good.  I have no doubt that I can run the half marathon now.  I am fired up.

The rest week helped me so much.  Here are my last two long runs.  The 9 miler was at the end of 3 weeks of hard training and the 10 miler was after a rest week.  I only added  3 minutes, but another whole mile.  It felt good!


Week 10


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