Week 10 Recap {Half Marathon Training}

Week 9

Started playing with nutrition this week. Hopefully, in the next 6 weeks I can find something that decreases my trots.  Ugh, if you don’t suffer from the trots you are such a lucky person.  Mine never bother me while I am running (thank God), but about 45 minutes afterwards, holy moly.  Weirdly, I have to run at least 8 miles to set this process in motion.  Sorry, I know this is TMI, but maybe my trail and error can help someone.

3 mile easy run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I ran this at a pace of 10:27 minutes/mile and finished in 31:26.

8 mile speed work with 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1600 at 8:45 minutes/mile with 800 jogs, and 1 mile cool down.  I ran this at a pace of 10:34 minutes/mile and finished in 1:24:31.  I ran this from my parent’s house again.  I only slept 4 hours the night before, so this was a sad attempt at speed work.  I just ran the distance and forgot the speed.  I ate a Gatorade gel at mile 4 and it was awful.  My stomach started cramping up about mile 6 and didn’t stop for the next 5 hours.  Not going to do this again…

2 mile easy run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I completed this day in 20:47 with a pace of 10:22 minutes/mile.

10 mile long run at 10:51 minutes/mile.  I ran this in 1:40:09.  That is a pace of 10:01 minutes/mile.  6 seconds faster per mile than last week.  I also climbed 822 feet.  I have fallen in love with hills, I like pushing up.  I pray for strength when I am going up and I swear I can feel God pushing me.  At mile 6 I drank one of those Gatorade prime drinks.  It did not make me cramp up during the run, so I guess I will try this again.  I also eliminated milk from my morning coffee.

What do you think?