Refocused Goals

Today is August 1st and a pretty good day to get my rear end refocused.  I weighed in this morning and I only lost two pounds and four inches in the month of July.  I am thankful, but if I am ever going to take these last ten pounds off I need to get serious.  Don’t get me wrong, I am at a healthy weight now and I look good for having two kids, but these last ten are pure vanity.

I need to be a little more honest with my calorie counting.  I have been allowing myself to cheat a little everyday by eating a small bedtime snack.  Bedtime snacks aren’t bad as long as you have the calories in your budget.  Sometimes I don’t have the calories to spare 🙁

As you know, (because I won’t shut up about it) I am training for a half marathon.  I am also adding in the Lolo Jones core workout to my daily routine and riding my bike 12 miles on my rest days.  The core workout only takes about five minutes and since I had two cesareans, I have that nice little flap of extra skin.  Maybe a little core work can remove my fanny pack.

With these changes, I should reach my goal by September 1.  Should is the key word.


  1. good job! I am the same way thou. I got down to 127, put 10 back on after a running injury, and have spent the last year trying to get it back off. I too cheat on my cals and i drink…..way too much.

    good luck dude. maybe we can hold each other accountable on twitter.

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