Obligatory First Day of School Post

We made it though the first two mornings of the school year with no whining, complaining, crying, or yelling. Success.

I am so proud of Evan.  He started the first grade like a champ.  We met his teacher at open house and we have been blessed with another good one.  She has a science background (yippee) and she isn’t afraid to challenge the kids.  Evan said she was “really nice” and he “really liked” her when I picked him up yesterday.  He is such a good kid.


My first two days also went good.  I am so happy I decided to take it easy this semester.  I am only taking Organic Chemistry 1, Cell Biology, and Biogeography.  Biogeography meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8, so it is kind of tricky getting Evan and John David dropped off and to Arkadelphia by class time, but this morning I made it with 2 minutes to spare. Hopefully I won’t be stressed to the max trying to be a Wife, Mom, runner, and student with this lighter load.

What do you think?