Motivational Monday

It is Monday.  A new week.  I want you to stop and think: What is my motivation?  Why do I take care of myself or why do I not take care of myself?

Why do you take care of yourself?
Is it vanity? Do you fear being fat?  Do you constantly compare yourself to others? OR Are you in this for yourself?

Why do you not take care of yourself?
Are you scared? Are you lazy? Are you stupid? Do you want to die?

Think about your life for a second and ask yourself these questions.  To accomplish any goal, you must know why you start towards it in the first place.

Many people gripe about their weight and how they wish they were skinny, but all they do is gripe.  They drink their 600 calorie Starbucks for breakfast and eat their 1,000 calorie lunch and gripe.  Most of us have to work to be physically fit.  I decided one day that the only thing stopping me from being skinny was myself.  I was my biggest problem.  I had to make the decision that I wanted my fitness more than I wanted chips, chocolate, or anything else.

If you want to change.  Do it.  Don’t gripe. Don’t complain.  Just change.

What do you think?