I Wandered and I Got Lost…

The kids are spending the day at my parent’s house, so I decided to take a little weekday ride.  We live really close to the Ross Foundation and with no time limit I jumped on my bike and hit the road.

I mapped out a loop that allowed me to ride 5 miles on the pavement and 10 miles on the trails.  That seemed pretty good, but I got lost.  Whoops.  All those trails and dirt roads kind of look the same, so I guess I turned down the wrong one at some point.  Oh well, I wasn’t worried because when I go riding I always wear my CamelBak (filled with water, pepper spray, protein bar, $5, iPhone, and toilet paper).

Still smiling even though I just realized I was lost.

Thank God for GPS.  After I realized nothing looked familiar I checked my GPS and found a route to take me home.

I was very close to where I was supposed to be, so I just kept going.

Some parts of the trail were a little harder than I was ready for.  I will admit to pushing my bike up two of the hills.  They were hardcore steep and my legs are just not that strong yet.  One day I will peddle them, just not today…

It was a nice ride. I completed 15 miles in a hour and a half and only got a little sunburned from the extra time out.

What do you think?