Good News

When I started blogging a few months ago I didn’t realize all the “other” stuff that goes into blogging.  Real bloggers have their own language and etiquette.  I was lost.  I just wanted to be a cool girl with a blog.  I have always wanted to be famous, but being a shy girl from rural Arkansas kind of stood in my way.

I started stalking following bloggers via Twitter and all they talk about are these blogging conferences.  I wanted to go, but I knew I couldn’t afford to travel half way across the country and the idea kind of scared me.  I stumbled upon the Arkansas Women Bloggers group one day and guess what: they have a conference!

I started reading about the group and joining in on Twitter Parties.  I wanted to go, but I still had to find the money.  GUESS WHAT!?!?! Arkansas Farm Bureau is providing me with a scholarship to attend!  How wonderfully awesome.  I now get to attend guilt free!

Not only do I need to get away for a weekend, I need to learn this language of the blogging veterans.  If I am going to become internet famous, I need to be blog smart.  I am also glad I met a lot of the women at P. Allen Smith’s house in May and even though they are super awesome, they are nice.  I like nice people, they aren’t scary.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news.  If you are a gal from Arkansas, you should be attending this conference.


  1. Hey! I am Nikki and I am a southern shy girl from arkansas too!!
    I ran across AWB a few months ago and seriously thought the same thing you did…and dang I wish i had known that….or thought to try to get a scholarship to go…because I so DO!!! Im sure it is to late now…but hopefully next year or next conference I can go!!!

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