Week 5 Recap {Half Marathon Training}

Week 4 Recap

This was a rather uneventful week.  I just ran.  It wasn’t terribly hard and it wasn’t terribly easy.  Just a good nice week of healthy running.

3 mile easy run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  I ran this at an easy going pace of 10:05 minutes/mile and finished in 30:16.

6 mile tempo run with 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 9:28 minutes/mile, and 1 mile cool down.  I didn’t run this correctly.  I busted out of the gate and ran the first 4 miles at pace and then ran the last 2 miles at warm/cool pace.  I completed the entire run in 55:07 with an average pace of 9:10 minutes/mile.

2 mile easy run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  Ran a comfortable average pace of 9:27 minutes/mile and finished in 18:52.

8 mile long run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  This was a nice long run.  I am getting a lot more comfortable with my ability.  I used to always be afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish, but now I am sure I can.  I think I might pick it up a little next week.  I finished in 1:25:06 with an average pace of 10:39 minutes/mile.

It really doesn’t feel like I have been doing this for 5 weeks now.  Wow, only 11 weeks to go before race day!

Week 6 Recap

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