Week 4 Recap {Half Marathon Training}

Week 3 Recap

Ah, week 4 is the first rest week of my plan and it was awesome! Ok, I didn’t really rest, I just had to run 3 days.  After Monday’s run I noticed pain in my shins and I knew I needed to find a new pair of shoes fast.  I did some tallying and realized I was at about 300 miles in these shoes and since I need so much padding for my overpronation, I shouldn’t delay.  I was super excited to find the new Brooks PureCadence in stock in a shocking hot pink that very afternoon! Yippee! Anyway, Wednesday and Saturday’s run went off without a hitch with zero pain.

5 mile easy run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  I easily ran this in 55:01, which averages out to exactly 11 minutes/mile.

5 mile easy run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  After I dropped Aaron off at work, I parked at my mother-in-law’s hair salon and ran the residential neighborhood behind.  It was fun and it was also the first time I have ever ran in the city. I finished in 53:42 which is a little faster than I was supposed to go, but the new shoes felt so good! My average time was 10:44 minutes/mile.

4 mile easy run at 11:05 minutes/mile.  I felt so good to be back at home and running pain free, I just ran these 4 miles.  I never looked at the pace clock.  I listened to my body.  I finished in 38:07 which is an average of 9:31 minutes/mile.

The rest week was perfect.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I feel rested and ready to move up to faster times and longer runs.  Wow, I have been doing this plan for an entire month.  Feels good.  Glad I picked this training plan.  I can tell that when race day arrives, I will be ready and strong.

84 days until my 31st birthday and first half marathon!

Week 5 Recap

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