Turtle Love

I have a very weird love for turtles.  I can’t explain the feeling, but I have always been drawn to them.  When I was 16, I wanted a pet turtle.  My parents agreed and Aaron took me to the local pet shop.  At that time, there was a regulatory law against the sale of turtles for use as pets, because their shells carry Salmonella, and people were not smart enough to wash their hands.  I was distraught, but being the youngest girl, I always got what I wanted.  That afternoon, Aaron caught me one of the precious little red eared sliders with a dip net from his parents pond.  I named him Philippe Raoul, for some reason I was feeling Frenchy.

The other day I googled turtle symbolism to see if other folks loved the boogers and wow.

In the Far East, the turtle shell is a symbol of heaven and their belly is a symbol of earth, so the turtle body basically unites heaven and earth.  The Indians also love turtles.  They have a legend that “the world is supported by four elephants standing on a giant turtle.”

As some of you may know, I have a nice American Indian heritage.  And when I researched what turtles mean to the American Indians I was shocked and I realized why I loved them so much.  To American Indians, the turtle is associated with the lunar cycle, menstruation, and the power of the female energies.

The little square-like things on some turtle shells equal thirteen.  In the lunar calendar, there are either thirteen full moons or thirteen new moons.  This is why so many American Indians associate the turtle with with the female energies.  The turtle has come to symbolize the Primal Mother or Mother Earth.  Well, that makes sense.  I am a girl and I should love the animal that symbolizes the most powerful woman.  Also explains my love for the number 13.

I don’t know about all the symbolism junk, but I love what turtles symbolize to me.  They seem to be patient little suckers.  You know: slow and steady wins the race.  They tend to be docile.  I know that snapping turtles aren’t friendly, but the random yard turtle isn’t going to mess with your life.  And, the most awesome thing about turtles: they don’t get into a hurry or fuss about anything.  They just chill along in life being little awesome reptiles.

That is my goal: just chill in life being an awesome human.

What do you think?